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Buyers beware!I purchased a David Yurman ring at Nordstrom Fashion Valley in San Diego for $1900.00 to find the same exact ring on David Yurman's website wirh the stated suggested retail of $1750.00.

I brought the discrepancy to the attention of John Banks, the store manager, to be given the run around with one invalid excuse after another. I provided printed color copies from six different major retailers such as Saks fifth Ave, Nieman Marcus, even David Yurman's website, etc... all advertising the same EXACT item, same 17MM size in the same brand new condition and he chose not to acknowledge the discrepancy. Instead he gave excuses such as a warning of counterfeit product on eBay, the ring size made it $150.

more (even though each retailer including Nordstrom offers to size the ring at no charge)... blah blah blah.... All excuses!!! Then to add insult to injury I found the same brand new item on eBay for $1000.

Less!!! I have emails from this Nordstrom store manager stating they stand by their price instead of admitting to a price error. This is gouging!!!! Nordstrom is charging $150.

MORE than the designers stated suggested retail price ~ shameful!!!I will never purchase from Nordstrom again.

Review about: David Yurman 17Mm Hematite Ring.



What a bunch of *** yea right Nordstrom is going to tarnish there hard earned reputation !First of all they stood there ground for a very good reason because that is one Co.

That does price matching . You must be insane to even think of priceing or buying D.Y. on Ebay . You must be use to buying jewelry at pawnshops or something like that .

Lol If your looking for a better price maybe D.Y. Is not for you ..... I have always purchased my jewelry at Nordys and have had no issues . One thing you might not know is that D.Y.

Can only be sized by authorized repair places . If you take it elsewhere you run the risk of it being ruined . I have no problem spending the extra money in having my rings sized by them .

Oh and Nordstrom actually pays for the shipping .If you feel like its to expensive then maybe you should be shopping at your local pawn shops ...........


Actually, this is not the case.... David Yurman has strict standards and each if their certified retailers is contracted to sell their product at the same pricing.


I went to the David Yurman website, and they do not show "suggested retail" prices. They show a single price for each ring. It is fairly standard for prices to be cheaper direct from the maker and different stores have different prices.

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